Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Baat yahan shuru hoti hain

Welcome to the world of cossacks.
Cossacks rewrites the RTS rule-book.
Had I seen this web site I would have been more prepared for the things to come.

I bought a PC, and a monthly magazine PC-Quest in Dec 2000. At that time due to limited access to internet (having dial-up was a luxury I had and not many others in my circle had even that), these magazines were our best source of information on happening s in IT world. For me these magazines gave me lots of DEMO versions of games which I only dreamt of buying. (Did not know about the grey markets in Chennai and Bangalore at that time) . All these demo games were over in about 3-4 hours max, and some like Age of Kings demo were finished in 1-2 days.

In the PC quest CD I found a very unique game, Cossacks-European WARS. I was stuck to the game because:

It was as real as a RTS game could get, villagers, soldiers, scouts, ships, cannons ah! very very real. Everything was great.

Beating the easy version took me about 2 hours (and after nearly failing for 10 times).

Demo version itself was as big as a FULL version of other games. The fight with a computer hardest was not ending soon.

Most importantly this was the first time I realized people can actually play with computer for fun. In all earlier games I had seen (inclusive of AGE) computers were DUMB. Beating a hard in cossacks required skill, concentration and of course STRATEGY.

It was like a movie for all those watching me play, often 6-7 people surrounded me gives me suggestions and it was as if I was Alexander and they my Council of Generals.

Never the less I have only one another friend in my batch who could complete the hurdle of beating the computer Hardest, and it gave me immense pride to teach fellow gamers on tips and tricks of the game. I would play in LAN in hostel and beat the others to pulp, some times 1 vs 2 against the best of the rest.

Here was a game worth missing u'r sleep for.
Check this out:

I would miss those proud moments for the rest of my life.


Blogger Shrek said...

Hmm i remember the days when our batch mates and i used to sit around the computer and help one guy complete each level of commadoes and max pyne. Dude.. you could still do that.. there are lot of games coming up.. by the way did you try the AOE3? im' not sure if you would like it but i really think you should try it out.

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